Some Terms In Football Game!

Some Terms In Football Game – Who does not know with this one soccer sport. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Football is a sport that can be played by anyone and anywhere. The game of soccer uses a large ball which is played by two teams of 11 people each.

Many names in football come from English, either Goal Kick or Free Kick. Well, this time we want to give some names in soccer games.

– Kick Off

Kick Off is the initial kick as a sign of the start of the match. At this time the kick off is not required to be kicked forward. Under current FIFA regulations, kick-off may be attempted by kicking the ball back. Judi Slot Online Terbaik

– Throw In

Throw In is an attempt by one of the players to throw the ball back into the field. This is tried when the ball crosses the side line of the field, so to resume the match, a throw-in or throw-in must be tried.

– Corner Kick

Corner kick or corner kick when the ball exits the field over the line to the right or left of the goal. This kick is tried in the corners of the field.

– Penalty Kick

A penalty kick is attempted when there is a violation at the penalty line. While the penalty shootout is usually also tried after the match ends in a draw and has passed extra time, usually done by 5 kickers from each team. Penalty kick attempted from in front of the goal. Situs Slot88 Gacor

– Goal kicks

This kick is attempted when the ball crosses the goal line. A goal kick or goal kick is attempted when the ball is out and the opposing team is the last person to have the ball. A kick that is attempted from the front of the goal is called a goal kick.

– Free Kick

Free kick or free kick is a prize given when one of the opposing players commits a violation outside the penalty box. There are 2 types of free kicks, namely, direct free kicks and indirect free kicks.

– Off side

Offside is one of the meaningful provisions which, although it sounds simple, can be confusing. This provision is made so that football is played using clever tactics and movements, not allowing one or two attackers to stand near the opponent’s goal and passively wait for the ball to arrive.

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