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Author & Culinary Expert

Chef Eric Theiss was born and raised in New Jersey, and his culinary interests started as a child when his Italian mother would encourage him to cook and investigate food and fine dining throughout his young adult life.

During his early twenties, after studies led him to a typical office “day job,” Eric’s love of fine dining drew him out to work long nights at Culinary Renaissance, where he had the opportunity to train under the acclaimed chef, Frank Falcinelli.

In 1997 he opened his own fine dining restaurant and bar called Meritage in West Chester, Pennsylvania, which earned rave reviews from prominent Philadelphia food critics. While ever the budding restaurateur, Eric began to have reoccurring conversations with guests and discovered that they shared his love for cooking, but needed help to make home cooking less complicated, more accessible, and most importantly, tasty.

Here is when his interest in kitchen product innovation started, and Eric began working with kitchen brands and retailers to demystify cooking at home, making him one of the leading cooking equipment gurus in the industry.

For the past 15 years, Eric has showcased his own collections as well as curated collections of slot gacor maxwin equipment and cookbooks on shopping networks, national morning shows, infomercials, broadcast and cable TV, and live streaming platforms.

Eric’s love for cooking, teaching, and “culinary inventing” is as approachable as his energetic personality. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach to cooking has helped millions of people be successful in the kitchen with fresh ideas on food that range from everyday meals to comfort- food creations and special occasion masterpieces.

With nearly 1,000,000 cookbooks sold including top seller Toss&Go!,  Eric is excited to launch Lovin’ Your Air Fryer, a new series of books that will surprise readers and get them asking, “You can make that in an air fryer?”

When Eric’s not in the kitchen or TV studio, he is at home in Pennsylvania with his brilliant wife Jessica and their teenage sons Cameron and Maxwell, who often make cameo appearances with Eric on Facebook Live and IGTV.  Ever the animal lovers, the family cats Poe Poe, Whitman, and Ginger get the benefit of living in a home filled with love and really good food.



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