Grilled Doughnut Triple Decker Ice Cream Sandwich

Grilled Doughnut Triple Decker Ice Cream Sandwich



4 apple cider doughnuts, sliced in half
2 pears, halved, cored & sliced
4 cups vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup chocolate sauce
whipped cream, for serving


1. Arrange doughnut and pears halves on the Grill Pan. Cook to desired doneness.

2. Place the ice cream in a small baking pan and cover with plastic wrap. Press flat, about 2 inches thick, then place the pan into the freezer.

3. Cut frozen ice cream into 8 discs the same size as the doughnuts.

4. Place one doughnut half on each dish. Layer with sliced pears and ice cream. Top with a second doughnut half. Repeat to make it a triple decker

5. Drizzle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream before serving.

Eric’s Tip: The key to this recipe is to use the best seasonal fruit.
Local orchards and farm stands will keep the variety of this recipe endless!

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