Rotisserie Pineapple

Rotisserie Pineapple

1 PIECE 112 cal., 0 fat (0 sat. fat), 0 chol., 4mg sod., 28 carb. (22 sugars, 2 fiber), 1g pro.
PREP 10 min. COOK 15 min. SERVES 6
1 fresh pineapple,peeled
1⁄4 cup Bourbon Glaze

Bourbon Glaze 
Stir together 1 cup brown sugar, 1/3 cup bourbon, 1 Tbsp. orange marmalade, 2 tsp. ground mustard and 1/8 tsp. ground coriander.


  1. Insert Rotisserie Spit through center of Slot Online lengthwise; slide the forks onto each side of the spit and secure them in place by tightening the screws. Baste the pineapple with some of the Bourbon Glaze. Insert the Spit into the Rotisserie connections.
  2. Turn the Function Dial to Rotisserie, set temperature to 425° and set timer to 10 minutes. When timed cycle ends, baste pineapple with more glaze; set timer for 5 minutes. Repeat until the pineapple is well glazed and reaches 160°. Remove Spit from unit; remove pineapple from Spit. Cut pineapple into 6 pieces.

Eric’s Tip: Rotisserie pineapple is definitely good enough to eat on its own, but there are a slew of ways to serve up this tangy treat!

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