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Ultimate Grilled Pork Chops

Ultimate Grilled Pork Chops

1 PORK CHOP 300 cal., 18g fat (4g sat. fat), 72mg chol., 130mg sod., 5g carb. (1g sugars, 2g fiber), 30g pro.
PREP 20 min. + brining GRILL 10 min. SERVES 4

1⁄4  cup kosher salt
1⁄4  cup sugar
2 cups water
2 cups ice water
4 center-cut pork rib chops (1 in. thick and 8 oz. each)
2 Tbsp. canola oil

3 Tbsp.paprika
1 tsp. each garlic powder,
onion powder, ground cumin
and ground mustard
1 tsp. coarsely ground pepper 
1⁄2 tsp.ground chipotle pepper


  1. In a large saucepan, combine salt, sugar and 2 cups water; cook and stir over medium heat until salt and sugar are dissolved. Remove from heat. Add 2 cups ice water to cool brine to room temperature.
  2. Place pork chops in a large resealable plastic bag; add cooled brine. Seal bag, pressing out as much air as possible; turn to coat chops. Place in a 13×9-in. baking dish. Refrigerate 8-12 hours.
  3. Remove chops from brine; rinse and pat dry. Discard brine. Brush both sides of chops with oil. In a small bowl, mix rub ingredients; rub over pork chops. Let stand at room temperature 30 minutes.
  4. Slide the Grill Plate into Shelf Position 6. Turn the Function Dial to Grill, set the temperature to 350° and set the timer to 25 minutes. Let the grill preheat for 10 minutes. When the grill has preheated, place the chops on the Grill Plate. Cook until a thermometer reads 145°, 4-6 minutes on each side. Let stand for 5 minutes before serving.

Eric’s Tip: Larger cuts of meats and veggies will take longer to cook through. To speed things up, cut smaller slices or cubes.

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